Monday, July 7, 2008

Traffilog develops solution to improve fuel efficiency

Traffilog, an Israeli start-up based in Rosh Ha'ayin, is developing a web-based solution to better administer fleets of cars and trucks. The company was recently profiled in articles in the Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz.

Traffilog's system features GPS and various sensors that interact with the vehicle's systems and monitor driving characteristics such as acceleration, braking, turns, engine revolutions per minute and oil pressure. The information is then reported back to a central server, and a fleet manager can determine whether vehicles are being driven safely and efficiently .

The company's "black boxes" were installed in 500 cars used by the Israel Defense Forces over the last 18 months. In response, drivers moderated their driving style and the result was an average saving of 14% in fuel consumption (280,000 liters of gas). Traffilog's system will now be installed in thousands more IDF vehicles in the coming months.

GreenRoad Technologies, another Israeli company developing a system to reduce accidents and improve fuel efficiency, raised $14.5 million from Benchmark Capital and Virgin Green Fund back in January 2008.