Monday, July 14, 2008

Better Place electric cars may be produced in Israel

Gabriel Mimon, the director general of the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry, reportedly plans to meet with Shai Agassi to discuss the possibility of manufacturing electric cars in Israel. In exchange for manufacturing the electric cars in Israel, Agassi's company, Project Better Place, could receive hundreds of millions of shekels in government grants.

The scheduled meeting with Mimon will follow what is described,
according to a report in Ha'aretz, as a "private" meeting between Agassi and Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai.

During the meeting, Agassi noted that research and development for the electric cars will take place in Israel whereas production will likely be outsourced to another country. He said that a number of countries are interested in hosting the production and have offered benefits including investment grants.

But Yishai emphasized the importance of production remaining in Israel, and the two discussed the benefits the government will be asked to provide to make such production feasible.

In January 2008, Better Place announced a memorandum of understanding with Renault-Nissan to build a nationwide electric vehicle recharge grid in Israel. In March, the company declared the Israel would be its primary R&D center.

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