Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cleantech attracts foreign investment

"From cutting-edge geothermal power deep underground to wind turbines and solar panels capturing energy from the sky above, foreign investors are pouring money into Israel's growing clean tech sector."

This is the opening paragraph in an article recently published by the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.

The article provides an overview of Israel's cleantech sector and focuses on the importance of the United States, both as an export market for clean technologies and a source of funds for cleantech VCs and startups.

It includes quotes from Michael Granoff, President of NY-based Maniv Energy Capital and an investor in Project Better Place; David Rosenblatt, Vice Chairman of the Arava Power Company; Glen Schwaber, Partner at Israel Cleantech Ventures; Stacy Schusterman, CEO of the Samson Investment Co. and a major Jewish philanthropist; Assaf Barnea, CEO of the Kinrot Water Technology Incubator; and Jonathan Shapira, the author of this blog.

If you want to meet Assaf Barnea and learn more about water technologies in Israel, please sign up for the Cleantech Israel business network and attend our next event on July 29.