Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Visit to TechnoSpin Wind R&D facility

Earlier today I had an opportunity to visit the TechnoSpin R&D facility in Netanya. Natalie Barlev, VP of Business Development, and Daniel Men, CTO, were nice enough to speak with me about the company's wind turbine technology and plans for commercialization.

They also took me up on the roof for a first-hand look at one of TechnoSpin's wind turbines, the PowerSpin TSB3, which has a rotor diameter of 3 meters.

TechnoSpin develops and manufactures small wind turbines for use in residential, small business, and maritime settings. The turbines also have applications for agriculture and irrigation. Natalie tells me that the company hopes to begin selling its wind turbines in the next couple months and is now in talks with potential distributors and customers around the world.

In April, TechnoSpin announced that it had raised $8 million in funding from the U.S. venture capital firm 21 Ventures.

A public demonstration of the company's technology might take place in the near future, and I encourage you to contact the company if you want to learn more.

Natalie Barlev and Maxim Rakov, TechnoSpin's CEO, are also regular participants in the Cleantech Israel meetup group.