Saturday, May 17, 2008

ALT E to develop urban wind farms in Israel

ALT E, a startup developing and installing "urban wind farms", was recently featured in Ha'aretz.

According to the company's founders, architect Erez Ella and economist Guy Shahar, ALT E will soon install an experimental rooftop wind turbine project in an undisclosed Tel Aviv high rise building. The company is reportedly in contact with several Israeli real estate developers and also hopes to export the idea to other countries.

"We take something that in any case the developer has to build, which is the roof floor, where there is a fence or wall that is used among other things to conceal machinery and also as a safety measure," explains Shahar. "Instead of building a regular wall, he can created a kind of wall of turbines, and also save money by reducing spending on electricity in the building."

"This is primarily for buildings that are 20 stories or higher and have good wind conditions," says Ella. "The use of wind will be only one component of a variety of alternative solutions that will also include the use of solar energy."

Other Israeli companies in the rooftop wind market include Coriolis Wind, a portfolio company of Precede Technologies, and TechnoSpin Wind, which recently raised $8 million in a Series A financing round led by NY-based 21 Ventures.

For more information on the global "small wind" power market, check out this series of articles from Greentech Media.

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