Monday, May 19, 2008

CheckLight receives urgent Chinese order following earthquake

"Globes" reports that the Chinese State Environmental Protection Agency has placed an urgent order for drinking water pollution testing kits with CheckLight Ltd., a subsidiary of Whitewater Technology Group. The Chinese will use the kits to detect the presence of possible toxins in drinking water sources in earthquake-ravaged Szechuan Province. The quake also damaged chemicals factories. The kits will be flown by special delivery this week.

Several weeks ago, CheckLight announced that it had received an order for 36 kits from the Chinese government. The Chinese placed an additional urgent order for immediate delivery following the earthquake. The kits will help in the rehabilitation of the quake-hit areas and prevent a worse humanitarian catastrophe by identifying contaminated water sources and directing people to safe sources. CheckLight is reportedly reorganizing for the delivery and postponing other orders.

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