Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Michael Granoff, leading cleantech investor, interviewed by Ynet

Michael Granoff, a leading investor in Israel's cleantech sector, was recently interviewed for an article published on Ynet.

Granoff, the founder of Maniv Energy Capital, discusses his connections to Israel, his interest in cleantech, and his investments in Project Better Place and Israel Cleantech Ventures.

It is definitely worth reading. In addition to his role as an investor, Granoff is currently an "Oil Independence Specialist" for Project Better Place, where his "mission is to advance our ability to move countries off of oil by giving them a policy framework to speed the conversion from gas to electric drive. In advancing that mission, I also am responsible for generating public support for these policies."

The Ynet article is in Hebrew. For those looking for English information, I recommend checking out this blog post, in which Granoff outlines his views on energy security and cleantech and discusses the origins of Israel Cleantech Ventures and Project Better Place.