Monday, April 28, 2008

Leviathan Energy to provide clean electricity for India

I just received the following news from Leviathan Energy.

Leviathan Energy Ltd., based in Israel, and Maple Leaf India PVT have signed a letter of intent for a $50 million-plus contract to provide clean electricity for India. The two companies met during a recent India-Israel renewable energy summit organized by Israel’s MATIMOP and India’s GITA for the promotion of science and industry.

The letter of intent covers three points: (1) Leviathan Energy will provide aerodynamic improvement technology for the development of Maple Leaf’s 450 MW wind farm in Kerala, India. The wind farm itself will provide over 900,000 homes with electricity and prevent the emissions of 450,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the environment. (2) The parties will cooperate on development and implementation of Leviathan’s ocean wave energy technology in the Indian Ocean. (3) The parties will partner to manufacture Leviathan’s Wind Energizer for local use in India.

Raul Goldemann of MATIMOP, director of the India-Israel program, said, “We had a successful trip to India, and found tremendous interest in Israel technology.”

Maple Leaf India PVT is a subsidiary of Maple Leaf Canada, with interests in the fields of energy, communications, lumber and real estate.

Leviathan Energy is a startup company with inventions in large and small wind, wave, tidal, and hydroelectric energy. It is operating an experimental wind park in Rotem Industrial Park in Dimona, and is initiating projects for its hydroelectric and wind turbines. For further information about Leviathan Energy and investment opportunities, contact Emmalee Mandel at