Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Arrow Ecology wins California waste treatment deal; also in talks to build Maryland facility

Arrow Ecology, a waste-treatment company based in Haifa, Israel, and its partners partners have won a $17 million municipal solid waste to biofuel conversion project in southern California.

According to a report in Globes, Arrow Ecology's share of the project is $7-8 million, plus maintenance fees over the 20-year franchise.

Arrow Ecology will handle 50,000 tons of municipal solid waste a year sent from CR&R Waste and Recycling Services Inc., operates in the greater Los Angeles area.

Arrow Ecology was founded in 1975 to treat industrial waste, oils, and sludge. Its solid waste unit has 35 employees, and is now hiring marketing staff, process engineers, and machine engineers.

Consensus Business Group of the UK and a large Israeli investment company have invested $15 million in Arrow Ecology to date. The company's ArrowBio Process can recycle over 90% of municipal solid waste and converts the rest into biogas, such as methane and carbon dioxide, greatly reducing the need for landfills. Some of the biofuel can be used by heavy machinery.

According to another news report, Arrow Ecology is also in talks to construct an environmentally friendly waste treatment plant in Frederick County, Maryland.

Melvin Finstein, president of ArrowBio USA, and other representatives of Arrow Ecology, met in March with Frederick County local officials at the 24th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management in Philadelphia.

Excerpt of Finstein's interview with the Frederick County Gazette are available here.