Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rotem assists with plans for 50 MW solar power station at Nevatim Airbase

The Rotem Renewable Energy Center is preparing a Request for Information ("RFI") for the construction of a solar power station at the Nevatim air force base in the Negev. It will be a 50 MW solar power station, the first of its kind on an Israeli military base, according to an announcement by Rotem.

The Ministry of Defence is building the solar power station to help ensure regular power supply to the base, even in case of severe failures of the state electric grid.

Dan Peer
, CEO Rotem Industries: "Rotem Industries will provide the Ministry of Defense with every assistance needed to establish the solar power station and this will be based on the vast knowledge that has been accumulated over many years in the solar field. This initiative is an addition to the establishment of the Renewable Energy Center that is unique and possesses huge technological and scientific abilities".

Rotem Industries, located near Dimona, is home to BrightSource Energy's Solar Energy Development Center, an important test site for solar thermal technology.

In December 2008, Rotem Industries and the Midwest Research Institute, which manages and operates the Colorad0-based National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), announced an agreement to collaborate to develop and commercialize new clean technologies.

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