Monday, October 20, 2008

Israeli cleantech venture funds profiled in International Herald Tribune

A recent International Herald Tribune article reports on Israel's cleantech industry, focusing on the role played by specialized cleantech venture capital funds

Jack Levy, general partner at Israel Cleantech Ventures, which raised $75 million last year for its first fund, cites Israel's pool of Russian immigrants -- including many mechanical, chemical and metals engineers -- as a unique advantage for Israel.

Astorre Modena, an Italian-born physicist and co-founder of Terra Venture Partners, says native Israelis contribute the entrepreneurial spirit that complements the Russian technological expertise. Modena reports that Terra raised $25 million last year in a first round of financing.

Also cited in the article are Precede Technologies, which is backed by Pitango Venture Capital and Evergreen Venture Partners; Gemini Israel Funds; and the Israel Opportunity Fund, a new fund managed by Dan Gillerman and Matthew Bronfman.

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