Monday, August 4, 2008

UK bus company to deploy GreenRoad Safety Center

GreenRoad Technologies, a world leader in driver safety technologies, and whose R&D center is located in Or Yehuda, Israel, recently announced that Metroline is the first UK bus company to deploy GreenRoad Safety Center in its fleet. The technology is installed in more than 100 buses based at its Perivale garage in West London.

GreenRoad Safety Center rates driving skills without invading the driver’s privacy. An in-vehicle sensor collects information on up to 120 different driving maneuvers. These are constantly analyzed to give the driver feedback about their driving and the areas that need improvement. Individual drivers receive instant feedback from a small display on the dashboard. The driver and the fleet manager have access to more detailed analysis of driving skills and recommendations for improvement through a password-protected web site.

The technology should help ensure a safer, smoother and more comfortable ride for Metroline's passengers, as well as lowering fuel consumption and carbon emissions. According to GreenRoad, its clients have reduced accidents by an average of 54%, lowered accident repair costs by an average of 49% and decreased fuel costs by an average of 7%.

GreenRoad is backed by Benchmark Capital, Virgin Green Fund, Amadeus Capital Partners and Balderton Capital.

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