Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mekorot to develop water infrastructure in India reports that Jain Irrigation Systems of India and Mekorot, the national water company of Israel, today signed an MOU to work together on water projects in India.

The two companies say they plan to explore projects in desalination, water resource management, water supply, municipal water management and/or wastewater treatment and reclamation projects.

Growing urban populations in India have made existing capacities of water treatment, waste water treatment and recycling inadequate. The country has introduced more stringent pollution control, which is rendering many existing technologies obsolete.

Mekorot is a leader in water resources management, desalination, wastewater treatment and effluent reuse, rain enhancement, water quality, water security and water project engineering.

It supplies 80 percent of Israel's drinking water and 70 percent of its entire water supply, operating 3,000 installations across the country.