Friday, December 14, 2007

Oasis Investment Fund -- new VC investing in the Negev

Gideon Soesman, Ronen Gadot and Lior Berger are the co-founders of the Oasis Investment Fund, a new venture capital firm with a social mission to develop the Negev and increase prosperity in the southern region of Israel.

Oasis intends to invest in 10-15 early-stage companies in the areas of solar energy, water technologies, smart desert agriculture, tourism, small real estate projects, and traditional industries. The firm is currently soliciting investors for a $30 million fund. The Canadian Jewish News recently detailed Oasis' successful fund-raising efforts in Toronto.

Gideon Soesman, the firm's managing director, previously served as a senior director for global M&A activities at Philips Electronics. Lior Berger, a director, was formerly a general partner at Gemini Israel Funds. Ronen Gadot, Oasis' other director -- a native of Arad and former F-16 fighter pilot -- was a director of business development at Philips Electronics and was recently executive vice president of SHL Telemedicine.