Monday, October 29, 2007

WATEC, CheckLight, WaterSheer

As the Israeli cleantech industry prepares for WATEC Israel 2007 -- the International Water Technologies and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference -- "Globes" is reporting on two new devlopments in the water sector.

Whitewater Security, a subsidiary of the Whitewater Technology Group, is in advanced negotiations to invest $2.5 million in water security start-up CheckLight Ltd. Checklight, founded Shimon Ulitzur, a professor of microbiology at the Technion, has developed technology that uses light-emitting bacteria to identify pollutants in water in real time. Whitewater chairman Ori Yogev wants his company to be the global leader in water security in the next 3-5 years. (Full article)

WaterSheer Ltd., another water technology start-up, is reportedly in talks to bring in a strategic partner at a company value of $10-15 million. The company, which creates a range of water purification products that convert unsafe water into drinking water. Potential partners include an international company with global marketing operations primarily in third world countries, and international venture capital funds that specialize in consumer products.

For more information on WaterSheer and its products, see "Israeli system turns contaminated water into drinking water - instantly."